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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Will Technology Save Us? Part 2

Let’s jump right in to the epic conclusion to this two part series with a Ted talk by Peter Diamandis called “Abundance is our Future.” 

Diamandis talks about how technology has unlocked not only luxuries, but a new girth of communication, resources and new possibilities. Let’s check some of these statements. We know that computers have changed the world over. At the present, the world has never seen more global communication. Internet has opened up the possibilities for global connections. At an instant, anytime a person can be connected across the world if they have access to internet (unless you’re in China where it can be difficult).

It is sited that there are far less global conflicts and that, in fact, we live in the one of most peaceful time in human history. According to Andrew Mack,  who wrote “A More Secure World” argues that the world has seen a decline in recent years of conflict. As this graph of his shows a decline in the international conflicts per year since the 50’s:

This peace is argued as a “nuclear peace” to where fear of nuclear weapons has stopped countries from going to war. This is also only a recently studied; are we in the time now right before the fog of peace clears? History has told an interesting story, however. Ever since the first civilizations appeared war has been constant. Even from the first civilization in Mesopotamia the Sumerian’s raged war do to resources and wealthWhat is the history of the Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Hans, Samoans, Sioux, Mongols, Americans, etc? The answer is war and more war. Any way history is looked at, the present is very peaceful in comparison. If technology increases and third world becomes new world, countries I believe there will be no need for war.

Diamandis also talks about how technology has opened up resources. He gives the example how the emperor of Siam ate with aluminum which was the world’s most precious metal at the time. Until technology made aluminum so cheap it has become disposable. So will new technology be able to save humanity? People like Diamandis will say a resounding yes. New technology will facilitate communication and therefore be able to problem solve on a global level like never before.  Incoming technology will harness renewable energy sources like solar, biofuel, hydro, (fusion?), and others. The optimist will say that we are only limited by our own limitations. And our limitations are not very limiting.  The possibilities that technology will bring will never-the-less bring a new horizon different from anything before it. The question will rise: will we be ready for this novel history and technology?

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